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Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe

FIC: Shadow's Storm I(/?)--The Descent of Man (PG-13)

Title: Shadow's Storm
Author: Me, figliaperduta
Rating: NC-17 overall, PG-13 this part
Six years after joining the Death Eaters and involuntarily betraying the Potters' location, Sirius Black learns of a plot to bring back Voldemort, and it begins with the destruction of all he holds dear. Forced from his cozy position in the Death Eaters' Ministry, he abducts Harry and flees, stuck between Voldemort and the Order in a growing war for dominance over Magical Britain. As tensions escalate, Harry and Sirius are forced to face the inevitable truth…

Whomever wins, they lose.
Warnings: Slash (Remus/Sirius, and a bit of one-sided Sirius/Severus), AU, WiP.

Note: The first part (and the second and third, when they're written) are mentioned here because during these three parts, Sirius is working with the Death Eaters, despite the fact that he's not actually evil.

( Part I--The Descent of Man )
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